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Swedbank: Estonian economy has contracted six quarters in a row


In Q2, Estonian GDP declined 2.9% y/y (non-adjusted) and 0.2% q/q (swda). GDP has contracted 3.3% in real terms in 1H 2023. The GDP decline has receded gradually, while the largest contraction remained in 4Q 2022. We forecast 2% GDP

Nordecon: Construction contract (Pirni 7/2 commercial building)


AS Nordecon group company Embach Ehitus OÜ and Eesti Talleks AS signed a contract for the construction of the commercial building on Pirni 7/2 in Tallinn. The first floor of the four-story building with a closed net area of 2,254

Swedbank: Long-lasting recession continued in the second quarter


In Q2 2023, GDP dropped 3% y/y and 0.3% q/q (both swda) in real terms, according to the flash estimate of Statistics Estonia. GDP contraction in Q2 was below our expectations. However, the economic contraction is receding gradually. Estonian economy

Baltic Horizon Fund has published its Annual ESG report 2022

Baltic Horizon Fund

Baltic Horizon Fund today announces the release of its Annual ESG report 2022. Baltic Horizon launched its ESG strategy in 2019, and in the subsequent years, despite a challenging economic environment, the fund has increased its level of ambition, aligning

Swedbank: Stability and Sustainability – Baltic and Swedish economies in doldrums


Sweden: Economic growth has weakened Baltics: Insufficient demand and falling inflation Risks: Even weaker demand, higher unemployment, geopolitical pressures, deglobalisation Sustainability: Continued improvements are needed Swedish economy showed more resilience than expected in the first quarter, although a substantial positive

Eesti Pank: kui haavatavad on olnud leibkonnad intressimÀÀrade tÔusu suhtes?

2021. aastal euroalal lĂ€bi viidud finantskĂ€itumise ja tarbimisharjumuste uuringu (Household Finance and Consumption Survey, HFCS) andmed vĂ”imaldavad hinnata, kuidas on hinnatĂ”usuga vĂ”itlemiseks Euroopa Keskpanga kehtestatud kĂ”rgemad rahapoliitilised intressimÀÀrad mĂ”jutanud Eesti leibkondi. Leibkondade tulude ja kulude analĂŒĂŒs nĂ€itab, et kuigi vĂ€iksema

Swedbank: Estonia: GPD fell for the fifth quarter in a row


In Q1 2023, GDP contracted 3.2% y/y (non-adjusted) and 0.6% q/q (swda) in real terms. GDP contraction met our expectations. In nominal terms, Estonian economy expanded 9.3%, above the long-term average. Estonian economy has contracted five quarters in a row

Eesti Pank: Uuring: Eesti perede jĂ”ukus on kĂŒmne aasta jooksul mĂ€rkimisvÀÀrselt kasvanud

Eelmise finantskriisi ja pandeemiakriisi vahele jÀÀnud perioodil suurenes Eesti perede jĂ”ukus mĂ€rkimisvÀÀrselt Varalise ebavĂ”rdsuse tase on Eestis euroala riikide vĂ”rdluses ĂŒks kĂ”rgemaid Noored pered tegelevad enam pikaajalise finantsplaneerimisega Teisest penisonisambast lahkusid eelkĂ”ige vĂ€heste sÀÀstude, rohkete tarbimislaenude ja krediidipiirangutega isikud Eesti

Swedbank: Estonia: recession deepened towards the end of 2022


In Q4 2022, GDP contracted 4.1% y/y (non-adjusted) and 1.6% q/q (swda) in real terms. Quarter-on-quarter GDP fell throughout 2022. In 2022, GDP fell 1.3% in real terms, but expanded 15.1% in nominal terms – the fastest result of the

Swedbank: Inflation to decelerate in 2023


In January, annual inflation accelerated somewhat due to less generous energy support package from the government compared to one year ago and because of a larger share of the housing component in the consumer basket this year after the yearly

Swedbank: Economic situation has deteriorated


In Estonia, GDP fell more than expected in the third quarter. GDP declined by 1.8% over the previous quarter and 2.3% over the year. In nominal terms, GDP increased notably, by 13.9% in a year, marking very high price increases.

Swedbank: Wage growth to remain rapid


The average gross wage growth reached 8.1% in the third quarter, over the year. The average wage rose by more than ten percent in public administration, manufacturing, and agriculture. Wage growth was modest in sectors that saw a larger jump

EfTEN: EfTEN Real Estate Fund III AS unaudited results for 3rd quarter and 9 months 2022

EfTEN Real Estate Fund III

Comments from Fund Manager Viljar Arakas The three quarters of this year has been financially the best period in the fund’s history. Rental income increased by 13%. Both, acquisition of new objects but equally importantly increasing rental income from existing

Swedbank: Surging prices


Annual inflation decelerated slightly in September as electricity prices declined. In September, prices rose by 23.7%, over the year, and 0.3%, over the month. Around half of the annual change in prices came directly from higher energy prices, especially electricity

Swedbank: Baltic consumer spending observer: Feasting now, fasting later?


Card spending shows that people are slow in adjusting their spending habits despite collapsing purchasing power Card turnover, adjusted for inflation, has started limping in recent months People keep spending considerably more than last year or before the pandemic and

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