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Statistics: Commercial Real Estate Investment Has Not Declined

Investments by Estonian businesses in capital assets have grown for the second quarter in a row, year on year, writes Tõnu Toompark in his adaur blog. Real estate investments (including land, buildings, facilities construction, renovation and purchase costs) have moved into

Do Apartment Ownerships In Estonia Constitute An Enterprise?

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board sometimes seems to use unlawful measures to limit the taxpayer’s right to deduct value added tax (VAT), report Law Firm LEXTAL attorney-at-law Ants Karu and lawyer Margus Reiland. Obligation to pay VAT usually lies

Estonian Housing Offer Prices Holding Back Market Index

As recently posted on this blog, a sluggish real estate market in provincial Estonia is having a deleterious effect on the Estonian housing market as a whole, as reflected in the kv.ee index. According to Tõnu Toompark’s Adaur blog, neither

Index Of Repair And Reconstruction Prices In Estonia Have Risen By 1.7 Per Cent

According to Tõnu Toompark’s Adaur blog, the price index for repair and reconstruction work in Estonia appears to be following that of construction itself, seeing a recent rise. Whilst the price index for construction work in the first quarter of

Statistics: The Ratio Of New To Existing Housing Stock

Estonian Statistics Office data for 2010 has demonstrated that some 2324 units consituted new living space, which in total represents an increase of some 0.36 per cent in the amount of housing stock. This translated to an increase in total

Bubbles And Bubble Remnants In The Estonian Real Estate Market

The time has come when talk of a rising real estate market is again on the agenda, and so it is perhaps fitting to have a little retrospective in order to understand what really happened in the Estonian real estate

Statistics: No Change In Loans Interest Rates

Euro-based home loans rates have remained unchanged in the range of 3.2 to 3.4 per cent, despite small rises in the Euribor index of European lending rates since 2009, according to Tõnu Toompark on his adaur.ee blog. The monthly rate

Goodson & Red Tallinna kontor kaks korda suurem


Goodson & Red Tallinna kinnisvarakonsultantide jaoks on käes väga põnevad ajad. Ettevõttega liitus äsja neli spetsialisti, kellel ühtekokku kinnisvara alal enam kui 30 aastat kogemust. Kaks korda suuremana on Goodson & Red’i kollektiiv valmis tooma oma valdkonda värsket lähenemist ning

Colliers: 2011 Best Year For Estonian Commercial Real Estate

Compared with the first quarter of 2010, the number of commerical real estate deals in Estonia has fallen by 18 per cent. However, their size and value has actually increased. The monthly average transaction value has risen by 48 per

Estonian Construction Volume Still Falling

According to Estonian Statistics Office data, the index of construction volume for the fourth quarter of 2010 fell by 4.7 per cent compared with the same period a year ago, as reported on Tõnu Toompark’s Adaur blog. Aside from the

Tallinn Real Estate Market Report First Quarter 2011

Tallinn Property and Goodson & Red are pleased to announce that our latest Tallinn Property and Rental Market Quarterly Review is ready. Covering all developments in the first quarter of 2011, as always the review contains an in-depth look at the

Residential Real Estate Offers In Estonia Showing An Increase

Real estate portal KV.ee’s index of property prices in Estonia seems to be on a horizontal plane at the moment, according to Tõnu Toompark’s Adaur blog. The Index currently stands at 61.9 points, 1.7 per cent lower than this time

Euribor Increase To 1.25%: Effects On Estonian Property Market 2 kommentaari

The European Central Bank (ECB)’s decision to raise the Euribor index of lending rates to 1.25% on Thursday last (7th April) perhaps comes as no surprise, and it seems likely that further rises are due for the course of 2011.

Personal Bank Deposits In Estonia Seven Times Greater Than Loans

Deposits in Estonian banks have been steadily increasing, so writes Tõnu Toompark on his blog, adaur.ee. Estonian data for February shows a total value of bank deposits of just under 10.5 billion Euros, of which 5.9 billion is held in

Construction Insider: Tallinn Property Market Suffering From An Offers “Drought”

Astlanda OÜ board member Kajar Kruus has provided an interesting perspective on the current situation in the real estate market in Tallinn, the indicators and reasons behind its seeming upturn as well as shedding some light on the realities behind

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