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Swedbank: Economy Heat Index – Energy shock turned the heat on the Baltics


The economy heat index (EHI) rose rapidly over 2022. Rapid post-pandemic recovery and economic stimulus led to a strong growth in demand and a labour market recovery. Meanwhile, war-induced disruptions and energy shock adversely affected the supply side. Strong demand,

Swedbank: Inflation in the Baltics – unexpected, excessive, but temporary


Inflation in the Baltics has been two times faster than the EU average. There are many supply- and demand-side factors at play. Pandemic-related supply-side bottlenecks were exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, which cut trade ties with Russia that were

Nordecon: 2022 III quarter and 9 months consolidated interim report (unaudited)


Despite the difficult economic environment, the group’s 9-month result is characterized by an increase in sales revenue and operating profit. Results for the Buildings and Infrastructure segments differ significantly. Although the profitability of the Buildings segment decreased in the 3rd

Hepsor: Hepsor AS 2022 III quarter and nine months consolidated unaudited interim report


rThe consolidated sales revenue of Hepsor for the first nine months of 2022 amounted to 5.6 million euros (including 1.7 million euros in Q3 2022) and the net loss was 0.1 million euros (including a net profit of 0.1 million

Nordecon: 2022 II quarter and 6 months consolidated interim report (unaudited)


Despite the continued difficult external environment, the second quarter and first half of 2022 were overall profitable for the group. The increase in sales revenue also continued, which is largely based on the fulfillment of construction contracts concluded in previous

Hepsor AS: 2022 II quarter and six months consolidated unaudited interim report


The consolidated revenues of Hepsor for the first six months of 2022 amounted to 4.0 million euros (including 2.7 million euros in Q2 2022) and a net loss of 0.3 million euros (including 0.3 million euros in Q2 2022). The

Swedbank: Rapid inflation weighs on consumption in Estonia


In June, consumer prices rose by 21.9% year-on-year and by 2.7% month-on-month. The price increase accelerated again in annual and monthly terms. Energy accounted for around 60% of the total increase in prices. The price of electricity has doubled, and

Swedbank: Consumer spending strong despite rising inflation and war uncertainty


Retreating pandemic risks and looser virus curbs have made shopping and services consumption more accessible and more enjoyable in the Baltics. According to the Google mobility data, the flow of people in retail stores and recreation places was notably larger

Merko Ehitus: 2022 3 months consolidated unaudited interim report

Merko Ehitus

COMMENTARY FROM MANAGEMENT Merko Ehitus sales revenue in the first quarter was EUR 68.4 million and net profit EUR 3.0 million. The sales revenue for the 3 months of 2022 increased by 14% compared to the same period of previous

Nordecon: 2022 first quarter consolidated interim report (unaudited)


The key words for the first quarter of 2022 for the group are, firstly, a sharp increase in sales revenue and, at the same time, a sharp rise in input prices. The increase in sales revenue is related to the

Hepsor: Notice of calling the annual general meeting of Hepsor AS


The management board of Hepsor AS (registry code 12099216, address Järvevana 7b, 10112 Tallinn) calls the annual general meeting of the shareholders to be held on Wednesday, 25 May 2022 at 11:00 in the conference hall of L’Embitu Hotel at

Swedbank: Baltic HAI – High confidence replaced by high uncertainty


The housing affordability index (HAI) shows high affordability in the Baltic capitals; however, the data do not depict the current situation in the market due to the time lag between real-time events and statistics. The war in Ukraine poses challenges

Swedbank: Rapid price growth to continue in Estonia


In February consumer prices rose by 12.0%, year-on-year, and 1.5%, month-on-month. Prices were lifted mainly by energy and food, although the increase in consumer prices is becoming more widespread, as rising production costs and supply disruptions are affecting a large

Swedbank: Prices will grow faster than wages this year


Wage growth was rapid in the fourth quarter of last year (+7.3%, over the year), but uneven, and lagged price rises. Swedbank estimates that the average net wage will increase by 6% this year, but consumer prices will increase even

Uus Maa: Estonian Real Estate Market review, May 2020

Uus Maa

The end of the emergency situation and lifting of many restrictions brought along a rise in the real estate market in May, as predicted and anticipated. According to the initial information, the rise was not as fast as predicted but

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