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Ten Top Tips When Buying Residential Property In Tallinn And Estonia

In amongst all the up-to-date news and developments about the real estate market, and everything else in Tallinn and Estonia, we like to provide concrete advice to those who are thinking of buying in Tallinn. After all, property is our

Estonian Finance Ministry Building In Tallinn To Be Demolished, Rebuilt

According to a report by Ott Tammik on the English language site of the Estonian Public Broadcasters (ERR) the building which houses the Estonian Finance Ministry is to be demolished and two new, identical towers are to be built in its stead. The

Estonian Exports Down Y-o-Y To May 2012, Nevertheless Growing

A recent report on the Estonian Statistics Office site has stated that May 2012 saw a decrease in exports y-o-y of some eight per cent at current prices. This needs to be seen in the context of May 2011′s figures being at

Statistics: Volume Of Residential Space In Tallinn Has Increased 0.29 Per Cent Y-o-Y

The volume of residential space in Estonia, according to data from the Estonian Statistics Office, stood at 657 800 items with a total area of 40.53 million square metres, as reported by Tõnu Toompark on his adaur blog. This represents an

Estonian Zero Rate Corporate Tax On Retained Earnings Admired In Finland

According to a report by Kristopher Rikken on the English language site of the Estonian Public Broadcasting authority (ERR), certain aspects of Estonia’s corporate tax regime have impressed people on the other side of the Gulf of Finland. In fact, Jyri Häkämies,

Inflation In Estonia At 3.9 Per Cent Y-o-Y In June 2012

According to a report in the Estonian Press Digest from News2Biz,  CPI (consumer price index) in other words inflation, in Estonia in June 2012 has seen a 3.9 per cent y-o-y increase, a small rise on the previous month’s y-o-y figure of

Demand For Office Space Outstripping Supply In Tallinn, Estonia

Demand for good quality (A class plus) in Tallinn is currently outstripping supply, according to a report on the Estonian Press Digest from News2Biz. Whilst the period from late 2010 well into 2011 saw an upsurge in construction, including office space, rising

Estonia Vs Slovenia

An interesting and detailed post here, from the redoubtable Edward Hugh, about one of the two other CEE countries, apart from Estonia, that have acceded to the Eurozone, namely Slovenia (the third country is Slovakia). Having consistently outperformed Estonia and even ‘older’

Retail Sales In Estonia See An 8 Per Cent Y-o-Y Rise In May 2012

Estonian real estate sales rose by eight per cent y-o-y in May 2012 according to a report on the Baltic Business News website. The biggest reported rise came in the pharmaceuticals sector, which saw a 13 per cent y-o-y rise, though

Statistics: Construction Volume Index In Estonia Grows 28 Per Cent Y-o-Y

Following yesterday’s post revealing the minimal increase in apartment prices in Estonia over the past 12 months, another post on Tõnu Toompark’s Adaur blog has stated that, in contrast, construction volume has seen a 28 per cent rise y-o-y to Q1 2012. This figure

Apartment Prices Showing Slight Y-o-Y Rise in Tallinn, Estonia

Most of the major newspapers in Tallinn are taking a break today after Jaanipäev but here at Tallinn Property we don’t want to take a break from bringing you up to speed on all that is happening in real estate in Tallinn

Statistics: Number Of Residential Occupancy Permissions In Estonia Healthy, But Declining

The beginning of 2012 has demonstrated a successful rate of issue of residential permits, according to Tõnu Toompark on his adaur blog. The first quarter of 2012 saw 707 permits being issued, which was a rise of as much as 86 per cent y-o-y, Tõnu goe…

Statistics: Financing For Residential Real Estate In Estonia Has Dried Up Somewhat

The balance of loans across the various sectors of the real estate market has remained notably stable in recent years, according to Tõnu Toompark on his adaur blog. The only significant increase in the loan balance has been in the retail

Q1 2012: Estonia Sees House Price Increase Y-o-Y Whilst Global Trend Is For Fall

According to property investment portal, Global Property Guide, whilst the global trend for house prices has been for an accelerating downturn as of Q1 2012, Estonia has been bucking that trend somewhat, even seeing something of an increase, at least as

Credit Rating Agency Fitch Confirms Estonia at A+

Credit ratings agency Fitch has confirmed its rating for Estonia at A+, according to a recent report on the Estonian state broadcaster ERR’s English-language website. Particularly noteworthy in Fitch’s estimation, was the accession to the Eurozone in January 2011 and

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