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EfTEN: Net asset value of the EfTEN United Property Fund as of 31.05.2022

The net asset value per unit (NAV) of the EfTEN United Property Fund was 10.63 euros as of 31.05.2022, increasing by 0.1% during the month. Of the fund’s largest investments, the value of the EfTEN Kinnisvarafond II and the Menulio

Hepsor: Subsidiary of Hepsor AS completed the acquisition of commercial property development project in Latvia

Hepsor Latvia OÜ, a subsidiary of Hepsor AS, signed a real right contract and acquired a property of 30,624 m2 in Ganibu Dambis 17A, City of Riga on 13 June 2022. The contract under law of obligations was signed on

Trigon Property Development: AktsionĂ€ride 1. juuni 2022. a korralise ĂŒldkoosoleku otsused

Trigon Property Development

AS Trigon Property Development (registrikood 10106774; edaspidi „Aktsiaselts“) aktsionĂ€ride korraline ĂŒldkoosolek toimus 1. juunil 2022.a. Tallinnas, PĂ€rnu mnt 18. Üldkoosolek algas kell 14:00. Üldkoosolekul oli aktsiatega esindatud 2 569 153 hÀÀlt, mis moodustab 57,10% kĂ”igist Aktsiaseltsi aktsiatega esindatud hÀÀltest. Üldkoosolek oli

Trigon Property Development: Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders from 1 June 2022

Trigon Property Development

The annual general meeting of shareholders of AS Trigon Property Development (registry code: 10106774; hereinafter the “Company”) was held on 1 June 2022 in Tallinn, PĂ€rnu mnt 18. The annual general meeting started at 14:00. 2,569,153 votes represented by the shares

Pro Kapital: Audited annual report 2021 of AS Pro Kapital Grupp

Pro Kapital

The Supervisory Board of AS Pro Kapital Grupp has approved the company’s audited annual report for 2021. Compared to the unaudited interim report published on 28 February, there are no differences in the financial statements regarding the financial results, but

Pro Kapital: Pro Kapital Council approved Consolidated Interim Report for I Quarter and 3 Months of 2022 (Unaudited)

Pro Kapital

MANAGEMENT REPORT CEO summary The first quarter of 2022 has been an atypical one. The Ukraine war started in February caused some concerns due to the geopolitical risks perceived in the area. However, after the initial (and understandable) concerns, the

Swedbank: Consumer spending strong despite rising inflation and war uncertainty


Retreating pandemic risks and looser virus curbs have made shopping and services consumption more accessible and more enjoyable in the Baltics. According to the Google mobility data, the flow of people in retail stores and recreation places was notably larger

Arco Vara: Arco Vara ASi aktsionĂ€ride korralise ĂŒldkoosoleku otsused

Arco Vara

17.05.2022 toimunud Arco Vara AS-i aktsionĂ€ride korraline ĂŒldkoosolek vĂ”ttis vastu jĂ€rgmised otsused: Kinnitada Arco Vara AS-i 2021. aasta majandusaasta aruanne. Kanda 31.12.2021 lĂ”ppenud majandusaasta puhaskasum summas 2071 tuhat eurot jaotamata kasumi hulka. Maksta dividendi 0,06 eurot aktsia kohta. Dividend makstakse

Arco Vara: Decisions of the Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Arco Vara AS

Arco Vara

The annual general meeting of shareholders of Arco Vara AS held on 17 May 2022 adopted the following decisions: To approve the annual report of Arco Vara AS for 2021. To allocate the net profit for the year ended on

Trigon Property Development: AS Trigon Property Development aktsionĂ€ride korralise ĂŒldkoosoleku kokkukutsumise teade

Trigon Property Development

AS Trigon Property Development (registrikood 10106774, aadress PĂ€rnu mnt 18, Tallinn, 10141, edaspidi „Aktsiaselts“) kutsub Aktsiaseltsi aktsionĂ€ride korralisele ĂŒldkoosolekule, mis toimub 1. juunil 2022.a algusega kell 14.00 (siin ja edaspidi Eestis kehtiv kellaaeg, GMT+3). Koosolek toimub Aktsiaseltsi kontoris asukohaga PĂ€rnu

Trigon Property Development: Notice of calling the annual general meeting of shareholders of AS Trigon Property Development

Trigon Property Development

AS Trigon Property Development (registry code 10106774, address PĂ€rnu mnt 18, Tallinn 10141, hereinafter the „Company“) calls the annual general meeting of Company’s shareholders, which shall be held at 14:00 on 1 June 2022 (here and hereafter Estonian time, GMT+3)

Merko Ehitus: 2022 3 months consolidated unaudited interim report

Merko Ehitus

COMMENTARY FROM MANAGEMENT Merko Ehitus sales revenue in the first quarter was EUR 68.4 million and net profit EUR 3.0 million. The sales revenue for the 3 months of 2022 increased by 14% compared to the same period of previous

Nordecon: 2022 first quarter consolidated interim report (unaudited)


The key words for the first quarter of 2022 for the group are, firstly, a sharp increase in sales revenue and, at the same time, a sharp rise in input prices. The increase in sales revenue is related to the

Arco Vara: Unaudited consolidated interim report for Q1 2022

Arco Vara

GROUP CEO’S REVIEW The first quarter of this year brought important changes to the Arco Vara group – we founded a construction contracting company Arco Tarc OÜ. This company provides services to the developments of Arco Vara with the main

Arco Vara: Arco Vara AS aktsionĂ€ride korraline ĂŒldkoosolek

Arco Vara

AKTSIONÄRIDE KORRALISE ÜLDKOOSOLEKU KUTSE, PÄEVAKORD JA ETTEPANEKUD Lp. Arco Vara AS-i aktsionĂ€r Arco Vara AS-i (registrikood 10261718; aadress Rotermanni 10, Tallinn) aktsionĂ€ride korraline ĂŒldkoosolek toimub 17.05.2022 kell 10:00 Tallinnas aadressil Roseni 9 (Metropol Spa Hotel) saalis nr  1. Korralise ĂŒldkoosoleku

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