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Uus Maa: Market Review March 2019

Uus Maa

Estonia The figures of the 1st quarter of year 2019 show that the times in the real estate market are still good and even though the growth is slower than before, the setback that influenced the second half of last

SEB: rental prices in Tallinn are still stable despite the abundance of retail space, but the growth of e-commerce is strong

SEB Pank

In the Baltic market of retail space, the biggest risk of overheating is in Tallinn because of the large number of new developments completed in recent years. At the same time, the average rental price in Tallinn is likely to

Uus Maa: Market Review February 2019

Uus Maa

Various indicators like reduced feeling of security of consumers and a prognosis of a slower economic growth are signs of the very good times in the real estate market becoming just good times for real estate in Estonia. February continued

Swedbank: In the fourth quarter of 2018, the housing affordability index (HAI) increased in all Baltic capitals on annual basis


In Tallinn, the HAI rose by 10.4 points to 161.9 as rapid wage growth outweighed growing apartment prices and interest rates. In Riga, the HAI improved by 12 points to 191.7 as wage growth outpaced apartment price growth. For new-project

Flash comment Estonia: Wage growth remains rapid and broad-based


In 2018, the average full-time gross wage amounted to EUR 1310, up by 7.3%, in a year. The average gross wage increased in all sectors. The average wage was the highest in ICT and finance. A rapid growth in the

Flash comment Estonia: 2018 – another strong economic year in Estonia


In 2018, Estonian GDP growth slowed to 3.9% in real terms and to 8.6% in nominal terms and was supported by domestic demand and strong foreign demand. The growth was still strong and only slightly exceeded our expectations – our

Uus Maa: Market Review January 2019

Uus Maa

As customary for the beginning of the year, January was rather modest: according to the initial data, 1,605 sale/purchase transactions of apartment ownerships were concluded all over Estonia, which was slightly below 100 less than last January and over 70

Flash comment Estonia: Inflation reached 3.4% in 2018


• Inflation amounted to 3.4% in December and for 2018 as a whole.• In 2019, price growth is expected to slow to 2.8% as energy prices should stabilise and the planned hike of the excise tax on alcohol is cancelled.

Swedbank: Housing affordability index improved in all three Baltic capitals in the third quarter of 2018


The housing affordability index (HAI) increased to 134.3 in Vilnius, 186.0 in Riga, and 154.3 in Tallinn. In Tallinn, the HAI rose by 5.8 points in the third quarter of 2018, compared with the same period in 2017, as rapid

Uus Maa: Market review November 2018

Uus Maa

November reflected rather well the slightly worrisome situation that has developed due to the changes in the market but we can make more accurate conclusions within the next six months. It is true that on the one hand, the feeling

Swedbank Flash comment: Economic growth accelerates to 4.2% yoy in the third quarter


In the third quarter, Estonian GDP growth accelerated to 4.2% yoy in real terms. Compared to the previous quarter GDP increased 0.4%, seasonally and working day corrected. In nominal terms, GDP increased 9.5% in the third quarter and 8.5% ytd.

Uus Maa: Market review October 2018

Uus Maa

If people in Tallinn are looking for signs of rise or fall in the market, completely different sentiments can be observed in Tartu real estate market. When summing up the October transactions, for Tallinn it can be said that the

Uus Maa: Market review September 2018

Uus Maa

Even though the market of new developments has remained active in Tallinn and there have been no big leaps in the speed of stock absorption, an increasing uncertainty can be sensed among the developers, extending the presale period of developments.

Flash comment: Estonia – Inflation remained above 3% in September


Inflation remained above 3% in September Inflation rate has fluctuated between 3% and 4% in recent months. Annual change in consumer prices amounted to 3.7% in September. Among different product groups, the prices of everyday essentials, i.e., housing, food, transport,

Swedbank: Housing affordability index improved in Riga and Vilnius but fell in Tallinn in the second quarter 2018


The housing affordability index (HAI) increased to 184.8 in Riga and 131.7 in Vilnius, but decreased to 156.3 in Tallinn. In Tallinn, the HAI fell by 3.1 points in the second quarter of 2018, compared with the same period in

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