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Swedbank: Baltic HAI – The likely end of boom years


The housing affordability index (HAI) slipped as abnormal price growth gained momentum. Falling affordability and purchasing power, as well as bleak expectations, are likely to curb demand and stifle price growth. The record-high housing affordability that we have seen over

Swedbank: Baltic consumer spending observer: Feasting now, fasting later?


Card spending shows that people are slow in adjusting their spending habits despite collapsing purchasing power Card turnover, adjusted for inflation, has started limping in recent months People keep spending considerably more than last year or before the pandemic and

Swedbank: Prices grew two times faster than wages

Although average wage growth accelerated to 10.1% in the second quarter, it comforts consumers little when inflation was 20.2%. The average wage rose rapidly in all economic sectors. Wages grew the most in accommodation and catering (+18.6%, over the year),

Swedbank: Labour market still strong in the second quarter


In the second quarter, the situation in the labor market was still good in Estonia. Employment was high and unemployment low. According to Statistics Estonia, in the second quarter, the unemployment rate was 5.8% and the number of the employed

Swedbank: ECB update – Shock and awe!


All main rates hiked by 50bps, more than markets expected Transmission protection instrument (TPI) introduced  The Governing Council raised all three key ECB interest rates by 50bps – more than markets and most economists have expected. As we expected, new

Swedbank: Rapid inflation weighs on consumption in Estonia


In June, consumer prices rose by 21.9% year-on-year and by 2.7% month-on-month. The price increase accelerated again in annual and monthly terms. Energy accounted for around 60% of the total increase in prices. The price of electricity has doubled, and

Swedbank: Baltic HAI – affordability still high, but outlook is getting bleaker


Over the quarter, housing affordability deteriorated in all three Baltic capitals. Compared with the same period last year, the housing affordability index (HAI) increased in Vilnius but declined in Riga and Tallinn, with the Estonian capital registering a more pronounced

Swedbank: Consumer spending strong despite rising inflation and war uncertainty


Retreating pandemic risks and looser virus curbs have made shopping and services consumption more accessible and more enjoyable in the Baltics. According to the Google mobility data, the flow of people in retail stores and recreation places was notably larger

Merko Ehitus: 2022 3 months consolidated unaudited interim report

Merko Ehitus

COMMENTARY FROM MANAGEMENT Merko Ehitus sales revenue in the first quarter was EUR 68.4 million and net profit EUR 3.0 million. The sales revenue for the 3 months of 2022 increased by 14% compared to the same period of previous

Merko Ehitus: Audited annual report 2021

Merko Ehitus

AS Merko Ehitus consolidated audited financial results for 2021 remain unchanged compared to the preliminary disclosure on 10 February 2022. STATEMENT OF THE CHAIRMAN OF THE MANAGEMENT BOARD 2021 was a successful year for Merko. We fulfilled the group’s financial

Swedbank: Prices will grow faster than wages this year


Wage growth was rapid in the fourth quarter of last year (+7.3%, over the year), but uneven, and lagged price rises. Swedbank estimates that the average net wage will increase by 6% this year, but consumer prices will increase even

Swedbank: Inflation super rapid in December in Estonia


Prices increased by 12.2%, over the year, in December. Inflation reached 12% last time in the 1990s. More than half of the price increase came from higher energy prices, mainly electricity. The rise in consumer prices is expected to accelerate

Swedbank: Prices increase more than wages in Estonia


Annual inflation reached 8.8% in November. The prices of energy and food contributed the most. Price growth is likely to accelerate further in December. The rise in prices is expected to decelerate next spring. Inflation picked up as expected. Inflation

Swedbank: Inflation accelerated further in Estonia


In September, consumer prices increased by 6.6%, over the year. 60% of the increase in prices came from energy products, especially more expensive electricity and motor fuels.  Wages and pensions have risen at least as much as prices.  Higher prices

Uus Maa: Market review November 2018

Uus Maa

November reflected rather well the slightly worrisome situation that has developed due to the changes in the market but we can make more accurate conclusions within the next six months. It is true that on the one hand, the feeling

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