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Tallinn Property Price Rise – Temporary But Advantageous?

According to real estate portal kv.ee, residential offer prices in Estonia, following a plateau where prices remained static, have seen a sudden increase, as reported on Tõnu Toompark’s blog. Kv.ee‘s own index of real estate prices shows a level of

Saaremaa Real Estate Transactions Most Active In 2010

Here at Tallinn Property we tend to focus on the real estate market in the capital. After all that is where our name derives from! Nevertheless, just to show we don’t completely overlook the rest of the country, we are

No Signs That Euro Adoption In Estonia Has Led To Surge In Property Prices – Yet

The recent adoption of the Euro in Estonia has not led to an immediate rise in residential real estate prices, according to Tõnu Toompark’s blog, adaur.ee (in Estonian). Citing real estate portal KV.ee’s own index for residential real estate prices,

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