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Analysts: brace for higher interest rates

Estonians who have borrowed from banks will soon have to repay considerably more in interest since euribor rate is expected to grow rapidly in near future, writes Äripäev. Tõnu Palk, chief economist of Nordea Pank, said that the whole eurozone

18 billion kroons worth of real estate changed hands

The amount of real estate transactions totalled 18 billion kroons in 2009 which is about half of what it was in 2008 and four times less than what it was in 2006, says Tõnu Toompark who follows real estate statistics.

Real estate expert: foreclosed homes bought by speculators

Estonian real estate expert Tõnu Toompark writes in Pealinn that homes sold by people who have developed financial problems are often acquired by speculators. According to Toompark, most houses and apartments foreclosed by banks for loan defaults are not sold

Real estate market 2009: common sense

This year was a turning point on the Estonian real estate market. Those who survived 2009 on the real estate market got a very expensive lesson that highlighted the need for common sense, writes real estate analyst Tõnu Toompark. Negative

Analysts: real estate market is slowly coming to life

Most real estate professionals agree that the market has hit the bottom and there are first signs of new life, writes Äripäev. Also Jaanus Laugus, CEO of Uus Maa Kinnisvara, said that foreign investors are starting to take an interest

Websites claim massive debts from real estate agents

In recent months Estonia’s leading real estate online portals have closed hundreds of accounts of real estate agents because of debts. Real estate developer turns attention to state real estate auctions Tarvo Teslon, CEO of Diginet that runs the popular

Estonian real estate sector in standstill

The Estonian real estate sector is stagnating and property prices continue to fall, writes Äripäev. According to Äripäev’s real estate analysts, most predictions made by the paper in January have become a reality as the market has gone to a

Analysts disagree over the future of Estonian housing market

Real estate experts Tõnu Toompark and Marek Vikat disagree whether people looking for a home should buy today or postpone the purchase decision. Toompark told Äripäev that although housing prices are likely to keep falling for most of this year,

Expert: real estate prices may fall by 20 pct by year-end

Real estate analyst Tõnu Toompark says that real estate prices could fall by another 20 pct by year-end. Toompark said that at present prices tracked by online real estate portals have been falling in average 0.5 pct a year, writes

Overborrowing remains a dark cloud over Estonian real estate market

Tõnu Toompark- sales representative of FKSM real estate group- says that the real estate market is very sensitive to borrowing levels. In an interview to Ąripäev- Toompark said that he did not expect real estate prices to continue growing since

Tallinn property market turns into a real estate bubble

In the opinion of Ąripäev- a real estate bubble is rapidly building up in Tallinn. Opinions whether this is the case differ. There are at least 3-000 new expensive apartments- private houses and lots that are currently offered in Tallinn

Estonian market for retail space is alive and kicking – real estate analyst

The claims that the Estonian retail developers have lost sense of reality are exaggerated- says Tõnu Toompark- real estate analyst of ERI Kinnisvara. Toompark told Ąripäev that the market for retail space was not in crisis- but was simply being

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