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Kaubamaja ja Solarise vaheline kvartal uueneb


Tallinna linnavalitsus kavatseb võtta homsel istungil vastu Estonia pst, Kaubamaja tn, Rävala pst ja Teatri väljaku vahelise kvartali detailplaneeringu. Tegu on Südalinna ühe olulisema detailplaneeringuga. „Detailplaneeringu vastuvõtmisega jätkatakse südalinna uuendamise üht olulisemat etappi. Sisuliselt tähendab see lähiaastatel endise Kunstiakadeemia hoone,

Swedbank Flash comment: Economic growth accelerates to 4.2% yoy in the third quarter


In the third quarter, Estonian GDP growth accelerated to 4.2% yoy in real terms. Compared to the previous quarter GDP increased 0.4%, seasonally and working day corrected. In nominal terms, GDP increased 9.5% in the third quarter and 8.5% ytd.

Swedbank Flash comment: Wage growth remains rapid and broad-based


In the third quarter, the average full-time gross wage amounted to EUR 1291, up by 7.5%, in a year. Median wage reached EUR 1000, +10.0%, over the year, according to the Tax Board. The average gross wage increased in all

Flash comment: Estonia – The shortage of labour keeps wage growth rapid


The shortage of labour keeps wage growth rapid • The shortage of labour is on the same level as in the years of the previous economic boom. • During the next two years, according to Swedbank’s forecast, the gross wage

Newsec and Redgate Capital signed a partnership agreement


Changes in Baltic region‘s real estate field are happening – international real estate consulting company Newsec and Baltic investment banking company Redgate Capital signed a partnership agreement to offer real estate services to clients in Estonia. Redgate Capital‘s real estate

Flash comment: Estonia – Inflation remained above 3% in September


Inflation remained above 3% in September Inflation rate has fluctuated between 3% and 4% in recent months. Annual change in consumer prices amounted to 3.7% in September. Among different product groups, the prices of everyday essentials, i.e., housing, food, transport,

Swedbank: Middle class in the Baltics


The Baltics get closer to the Western middle class income standard, but income inequality remains an issue A strong and well-off middle class, a sign of lower income inequality, important for economic growth Middle class incomes have grown substantially in

Uus Maa: Market review August 2018

Uus Maa

Even though the number of transactions in August was only higher than that of July, the real estate market in Tallinn has still been active, which is confirmed by the fact that in the first eight months of the year,

Swedbank: Estonian GDP growth accelerated to 3.7% in the 2nd quarter


Real GDP growth in Estonia accelerated to 3.7% yoy in the second quarter of 2018. The growth was stronger than in the first quarter (3.3%). In the first half, GDP growth was 3.5% in real terms. The acceleration of the

Swedbank: Wage growth decelerated in the 2nd quarter


In the second quarter, the average full-time gross wage amounted to EUR 1321, up by 6.4%, in a year Swedbank expects gross wage to grow by 6.6% in 2018 and by 6.0% in 2019 Consumption remains moderate Wage growth decelerated

Swedbank: Is the housing market overheating?


Although housing affordability in Estonia has improved, compared with the peak of the last real estate boom, it has stayed at the same level for the past four years. Households’ confidence in purchasing or building a home has improved in

Swedbank: Second quarter’s unemployment rate the lowest in 10 years


Employment rose rapidly but only among the part-time workers The unemployment rate decreased more than expected The shortage of labour has reached the levels of last economic boom Employment rose rapidly but only among the part-time workers The number of

BRE: The legendary Pirita SPA Hotel is undergoing alterations to become the leading recreation and entertainment centre

Baltic Real Estate / BRE

The Pirita SPA Hotel, which has delighted guests for nearly 40 years now, will be undergoing significant updates to provide more active recreation options for local families and foreign tourists alike. The spa hotel, which was recently acquired by Purje

Uus Maa: Market review May 2018

Uus Maa

The unusually warm, sunny and dry May still did not have enough power to reverse the transactions agreed earlier. Greatly thanks to the new developments in Harju County, for the third time in the past five years, over 2,000 transactions

Swedbank: Deceleration of economic growth in 1Q2018 was expected


GDP growth in Estonia decelerated to 3.6% yoy in 1Q2018 in real terms. The slowdown was expected, as close to 5% growth in 2017 was above the potential, by far. Nominal GDP growth decelerated to 8%, but it’s still very

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