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Swedbank: Heart-warming growth is a poor excuse to postpone reforms


Growth at its cyclical peak Productivity is the key to income convergence in the Baltics Sustainable development – where do we stand? Universal basic income – utopia or an urgent necessity? Growth at its cyclical peak The upswing in global

Swedbank: Robust GDP growth continued in 3Q2017 as expected


In 3Q2017 Estonian GDP expanded 4.2% yoy and 0.3% qoq (swad) in real terms. In nominal terms, GDP increased by 8.9% yoy. During the first three quarters, GDP has increased by 4.8% yoy in real terms. The major contribution to

Swedbank: Wage growth remained rapid in Q3


Wage growth remains relatively high as labour demand increases more than supply. Swedbank expects the average gross wage to grow by around 5% and the real net wage by close to 9% in 2018. The growth of the average gross

EstateGuru sells the collateral of its first defaulted loan


EstateGuru has taken possession of its first defaulted loan’s collateral and has started the sales process to regain investors’ funds. In October, Toome avenue development loan in the amount €224,000 reached its maturity date, however the borrower had become insolvent

Swedbank Economic Outlook Update – November 2017


Swedbank Economic Outlook presents the latest economic forecasts for Sweden, the Nordic and Baltic countries and the major global economies. In this update, current issues that have a bearing on economic developments are analysed. Global – Strong growth momentum The

Swedbank: The housing affordability index improved in all three Baltic capitals in the second quarter of 2017


The housing affordability index (HAI) increased to 159.9 in Tallinn, 183.5 in Riga, and 129.4 in Vilnius. In Tallinn, affordability increased by 0.2 point in the second quarter of 2017 compared with the same period in 2016, as wage growth

Poorer than their parents: the struggles of Europe’s young


Hit most by great recession and rising house prices Upcoming challenges: population ageing and tech revolution Negative effects on growth, public finances, and political stability In some respects, the current young Europeans can be thought of as lucky. They are

Swedbank: Tight labour market lifts wages


Wage growth will remain relatively high as labour demand increases more than supply. Nevertheless, the gap between wage and productivity growth rates will narrow this year. The growth of the average gross wage accelerated in the second quarter (+6.8%, over

Inflation accelerated in the first half of the year


Inflation accelerated to around 3% in the first half of the year in Estonia. The contribution of food and non-alcoholic beverages increased substantially in recent months. Food and non-alcoholic beverages amount to a quarter of household expenditure, on average. In

Ober-Haus Baltic Apartment Price Index 05-2017


Apartment prices in Vilnius increased by 0.2% to 1,440 EUR/sqm in May 2017. During a year apartment prices in Vilnius increased by 5.5% and since the last lowest price level in May 2010, apartment prices are higher by 24.8% (by

Swedbank: Housing Affordability Index for Baltics


The housing affordability index (HAI) increased to 171.2 in Riga and record high of 134.7 in Vilnius, but decreased to 146.4 in Tallinn. In Tallinn, affordability decreased by 7.3 points in the first quarter of this year compared with the

Swedbank: GDP growth in Estonia – the fastest in five years


Accelerated export growth and robust recovery of investments contributed to the GDP growth On the output side, manufacturing, construction and domestic trade contributed the most We expect that GDP growth remains robust in 2017, but decelerates compared to the 1st

Arco Vara AS-i korralise üldkoosoleku otsused

Arco Vara

30.05.2017 toimunud Arco Vara AS-i aktsionäride korraline üldkoosolek võttis vastu järgmised otsused: 1. Kinnitada Arco Vara AS-i 2016. aasta majandusaasta aruanne. 2. Katta 31.12.2016 lõppenud majandusaasta puhaskahjum summas 832 tuhat eurot eelmiste perioodide jaotamata kasumi arvelt; maksta dividendi 0,01 eurot

Swedbank: Slower growth of wages reduces macroeconomic risks


The growth of average monthly gross wages slowed to 5.7% in the first quarter. We expect gross wages to grow by around 6% this year. The growth of the average gross monthly wage decelerated from 7.6% in 2016 to 5.7%,

Arco Vara AS aktsionäride korraline üldkoosolek

Arco Vara

Aktsionäride korralise üldkoosoleku kutse, päevakord ja ettepanekud Lp. Arco Vara AS-i aktsionär Arco Vara AS-i (registrikood 10261718; aadress Rävala pst 5, Tallinn) aktsionäride korraline üldkoosolek toimub 5. mail 2017 kell 10.00 Tallinnas, aadressil Rävala pst 3, Radisson Blu Sky Hotel

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