Correction: Change in substantial holding


The ownership contained in the stock exchange announcement of the change in substantial holding published on 9.04.2021 was incorrect, with this correction announcement we are forwarding the adjusted data.

Arco Vara AS notifies the stock exchange about a change in substantial holding as required by § 186 of the Securities Market Act.

On April 7, 2021, as a result of the takeover bid Baltplast AS transferred 837,498 and Gamma Holding Investment OÜ 420,000, in total 1,257,498 shares of Arco Vara AS held by them to OÜ Alarmo Kapital. The transferred shares stood for 97.91% of the takeover bid and 13.97% of total Arco Vara AS shares.

As a result of the takeover bid, OÜ Alarmo Kapital now holds 66.11% of the voting shares of Arco Vara AS. In addition to the 66.11%, 390,000 shares are subscribed but not yet issued to OÜ Alarmo Kapital by Arco Vara AS, which after the issue would make OÜ Alarmo Kapital a 67.51% shareholder.

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