Nordecon: Kärevere – Kardla road section

NordeconAS Nordecon and the Transport Administration entered into an agreement for the construction of 2+2 passing lanes on the Kärevere–Kardla section along kilometres 167–171 of the Tallinn–Tartu–Võru–Luhamaa Highway. The cost of the works is EUR 12.6 million, plus VAT.

The road section has a lane width of 3.5 metres, the width of the dividing strip with highway parapet is 2.8 metres, and a secured shoulder of 2–2.5 metres is provided at the edge of the road. New access roads and U-turn areas will be built, a total of 337 metres of noise barrier wall will be erected, plus land improvement works, communication and electrical works will be performed during the course of the contract, new traffic management equipment will be installed, and both low lying and tall greenery will be planted.

This road section passes through the Natura 2000 nature and bird protection area, as a result of which two tunnels for large game are provided, two underpasses will be built for small game, along with a nearly 7.7 km game fence along the side of the road.

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