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Swedbank: Estonia: recession deepened towards the end of 2022


In Q4 2022, GDP contracted 4.1% y/y (non-adjusted) and 1.6% q/q (swda) in real terms. Quarter-on-quarter GDP fell throughout 2022. In 2022, GDP fell 1.3% in real terms, but expanded 15.1% in nominal terms – the fastest result of the

Swedbank: Economy Heat Index – Energy shock turned the heat on the Baltics


The economy heat index (EHI) rose rapidly over 2022. Rapid post-pandemic recovery and economic stimulus led to a strong growth in demand and a labour market recovery. Meanwhile, war-induced disruptions and energy shock adversely affected the supply side. Strong demand,

Swedbank: ECB update – A Smaller hike, but even more hawkish promises


The Governing Council raised all key interest rates by another 50 basis points and expects to raise them significantly further Despite expected recession, the ECB revised inflation projection upwards As widely expected, the Governing Council today decided to raise all

Swedbank: Inflation in the Baltics – unexpected, excessive, but temporary


Inflation in the Baltics has been two times faster than the EU average. There are many supply- and demand-side factors at play. Pandemic-related supply-side bottlenecks were exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, which cut trade ties with Russia that were

Pro Kapital: Pro Kapital Council approved Consolidated Interim Report for III Quarter and 9 Months of 2022 (Unaudited)

Pro Kapital

MANAGEMENT REPORT CEO summary The third quarter of 2022 continued the trend we have seen in Q2, with a strong demand for real estate assets in the Baltic countries (particularly Estonia and Lithuania). The market still seems resilient, despite the

Merko: 2022 9 months and III quarter consolidated unaudited interim report


COMMENTARY FROM MANAGEMENT Merko Ehitus revenue was EUR 110 million in Q3 2022 and the revenue for the first nine months of the year amounted to EUR 266 million, while the respective figures for net profit were EUR 9.8 million

Hepsor: Hepsor AS consolidated unaudited interim report for Q1 2022


Consolidated revenues of Hepsor for Q1 2022 amounted to 1.3 million euros and net profit to 0.02 million euros (including 0.005 million euros attributable to the owners of the parent company). The Group’s revenues and profitability are directly dependent on

Swedbank: Rapid price growth to continue in Estonia


In February consumer prices rose by 12.0%, year-on-year, and 1.5%, month-on-month. Prices were lifted mainly by energy and food, although the increase in consumer prices is becoming more widespread, as rising production costs and supply disruptions are affecting a large

Swedbank: Prices will grow faster than wages this year


Wage growth was rapid in the fourth quarter of last year (+7.3%, over the year), but uneven, and lagged price rises. Swedbank estimates that the average net wage will increase by 6% this year, but consumer prices will increase even

Swedbank: Economy Heat Index: the temperature is just right


2021 was a good year for the Baltic economies – GDP grew rapidly, domestic demand recovered, and the labour market followed. Economic temperature ticked up in all three Baltic states and is already approaching the long-run average. Heat is building

Swedbank: Estonia: robust demand contributes to the economic growth


GDP expanded 8.6% y/y and 0.7% q/q (swda) in 3Q – the growth met our expectations. GDP has increased 8.5% y/y in the first three quarters of 2021. In 3Q, more than half of the GDP growth came from four

Swedbank: Wage growth remains rapid in Estonia


The average gross wage growth accelerated to 7.8% in the third quarter. Average wages have risen above pre-crisis levels in all sectors. Income inequality among wage earners has increased this year. Labor shortages and rising minimum wages keep wage growth

Nordecon: 2021 III quarter and 9 months consolidated interim report (unaudited)


Despite the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and turbulence in the economy, the Group’s efforts have borne fruit and the profitability in the third quarter was comparable to the same period in 2020. However, rising input prices and supply

Swedbank: Inflation accelerated further in Estonia


In September, consumer prices increased by 6.6%, over the year. 60% of the increase in prices came from energy products, especially more expensive electricity and motor fuels.  Wages and pensions have risen at least as much as prices.  Higher prices

Swedbank: Wage growth accelerated in Estonia


The growth of the average monthly gross wage accelerated from 4.9% in the first quarter to 7.3% in the second quarter. Wage growth picked up speed due to a very low base one year ago, when the corona crisis hit

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