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Swedbank: Estonia – Wage pressures expected to ease a bit next year


Wage growth is rapid and broad-based. The average gross wage amounted to EUR 1,419, up by 7.4%, over the year, in the second quarter. Wage growth was broad-based, in terms of sectors and levels. Tax Authority’s wage data show that

Swedbank: Inflation has decelerated this year


In June, inflation reached 2.4%, over the year. Goods were 1.8% and services 3.5% more expensive. Almost half of the increase in prices resulted from higher prices of food and housing. The prices of fresh vegetables have surged due to

SEB: Nordic economic overview: wage growth changes the Estonian economy

SEB Pank

The economy is increasingly relying on central banks When at the end of last year, financial markets were hit by true panic regarding the future of the world economy, today we dare to look into tomorrow with slightly improved optimism.

Uus Maa: Market Review March 2019

Uus Maa

Estonia The figures of the 1st quarter of year 2019 show that the times in the real estate market are still good and even though the growth is slower than before, the setback that influenced the second half of last

Swedbank: Neighbouring countries’ impact on the Estonian economy is waning


Finland, Sweden, Latvia, and Russia – Estonian closest neighbours – contribute about one-fifth to Estonian GDP through exports. The share of the four neighbouring countries’ tourists’ expenditure is about 60% of the expenditure of all tourists. Finland and Sweden have

Flash comment Estonia: 2018 – another strong economic year in Estonia


In 2018, Estonian GDP growth slowed to 3.9% in real terms and to 8.6% in nominal terms and was supported by domestic demand and strong foreign demand. The growth was still strong and only slightly exceeded our expectations – our

Swedbank Flash comment: Economic growth accelerates to 4.2% yoy in the third quarter


In the third quarter, Estonian GDP growth accelerated to 4.2% yoy in real terms. Compared to the previous quarter GDP increased 0.4%, seasonally and working day corrected. In nominal terms, GDP increased 9.5% in the third quarter and 8.5% ytd.

Swedbank: The temperature is slowly rising in the Baltic economies


The Baltic economies are operating above their potential No overheating, but economic temperature is rising gradually Monitoring, fiscal prudence, and productivity-boosting reforms are necessary The Baltic economies are now fully recovered from the past recession, and the output gaps have

Swedbank: Estonian GDP growth accelerated to 3.7% in the 2nd quarter


Real GDP growth in Estonia accelerated to 3.7% yoy in the second quarter of 2018. The growth was stronger than in the first quarter (3.3%). In the first half, GDP growth was 3.5% in real terms. The acceleration of the

Swedbank: Estonian enterprises need to put more effort in to improve their productivity growth


In a post-crisis period, the growth of Estonian labour productivity has been weak Estonian labour productivity is lower than majority of European Union member states Estonia is losing price competitiveness against main trade partners After the recovery from the financial

Swedbank: Trade tensions imperil the global momentum


In the past year, the global economy has enjoyed a strong rebound in global trade. This has contributed to lifting the global economy out of the stagnant growth path that followed the financial crisis. US tariffs and the risk of

Swedbank: Increasing Estonian exports’ market share in Finland will be more challenging


Estonia’s exports to Finland are the most diversified among the largest trade partners Exported goods from Estonia have gained market share on the Finnish market Estonia is losing its price competitiveness against Finland Finland is Estonia’s largest export partner. Among

EstateGuru entered the Spanish market


As the economies of the European Union’s countries are on a rising trend, one cannot underestimate the growth of the Spanish market. According to CBRE, the Spanish economy has an expected growth of 2.5% compared to the European average 1.6%.

Economic overview of SEB in the Nordic countries: strong and broad-based economic growth

SEB Pank

The rapid and broad-based strengthening of the world economy that occurred in 2017 has exceeded expectations. High employment rates and increasing wealth sparks optimism in people, which is apparent in the increased spending of households. Improved demand has increased the

Swedbank: Heart-warming growth is a poor excuse to postpone reforms


Growth at its cyclical peak Productivity is the key to income convergence in the Baltics Sustainable development – where do we stand? Universal basic income – utopia or an urgent necessity? Growth at its cyclical peak The upswing in global

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