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SEB: Nordic economic overview: wage growth changes the Estonian economy

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The economy is increasingly relying on central banks When at the end of last year, financial markets were hit by true panic regarding the future of the world economy, today we dare to look into tomorrow with slightly improved optimism.

Swedbank: Estonian enterprises need to put more effort in to improve their productivity growth


In a post-crisis period, the growth of Estonian labour productivity has been weak Estonian labour productivity is lower than majority of European Union member states Estonia is losing price competitiveness against main trade partners After the recovery from the financial

EstateGuru entered the Spanish market


As the economies of the European Union’s countries are on a rising trend, one cannot underestimate the growth of the Spanish market. According to CBRE, the Spanish economy has an expected growth of 2.5% compared to the European average 1.6%.

Nordic Outlook: favourable trends in the global economy foster faster growth for Estonia

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The economic trends have been favourable lately. In the first half of the year, Estonia’s economic growth reached figures we last saw in 2012, when we were recovering from the deep economic crisis. Estonia’s economy is very much dependent on

Housing Loan Market Growth Is Supported By Property Values And New Borrowers

Tallinn Property

The number of transactions at the Tallinn apartment market is high and on an upward trend; also, the transaction prices are rising. The vast number of transactions and other positive trends of property market are to a large extent backed

SEB’s economic forecast: Faster growth despite political squalls

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Notwithstanding political squalls blowing louder than ever, the global economy is forging ahead. The acceleration in economic growth and inflation are bringing us closer to an environment that we are accustomed to seeing as normal. Nevertheless, the spreading of protectionist

SEB Nordic Outlook: moderate growth regardless of political insecurity

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The events in the economy and politics over the last half-year have been unexpected. The UK referendum, the state of the US presidential election, the increase in popularity of extremist parties in Europe, and the diverging from democracy in some

Economic growth slowed to 1.1% in 2015


In 2015, economic growth amounted to 1.1% in Estonia as the volumes of stocks and exports decreased. We expect GDP growth to accelerate to 2.3% in 2016 on the back of higher exports and investments. In 2015, economic growth reached

The residents of the Baltic States rarely move

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Compared to the rest of Europe, the residents of the Baltic States rarely move house. People chiefly move for family-related reasons, reveals the new Baltic Household Outlook prepared by SEB. The residents of the Nordic countries move most often. As

Homes of Baltic residents are smaller than the European average by a third

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The average housing size in the European Union is 96 m2. However, in the Baltics, an average household must cope with 63–67 m2. A new financial analysis of Baltic households organized by SEB reveals that this is, in part, caused

Eastern European Outlook, October 2015

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The dual-track economic picture in Eastern (including Central) Europe will persist over the next two years. Conflict-plagued Russia and Ukraine will show continued weakness. In Russia, recession will linger during 2016 too, as plunging oil prices rebound only weakly and

Moderate economic growth, yet risks have increased

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Economic statistics for the past week revealed that the Estonian economy grew a lot more last year than was previously thought. The growth of GDP in the second quarter can also be regarded as being good. At the same time,

SEB: Families have an average money reserve of 5-6 months’ pay

At the end of 2014, the volume of liquid assets per resident was on par with the recommended money reserve in all three Baltic States, but at the same time a significant number of the residents of Latvia and Lithuania

Ärihoonest Navigator sai ametlikult Baltimaade keskkonnasõbralikem

Capital Mill

Ärihoonele Navigator väljastati energiatõhusa ehitise sertifikaat LEED Gold, mis teeb sellest ametlikult Baltimaade kõige rohelisema omasuguste seas. LEED-sertifikaat (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) on rahvusvaheliselt tunnustatud sertifitseerimissüsteem, mille töötas välja USA Rohelise Ehituse Nõukogu (USGBC). Navigatori arendaja Capital Mill

Hotell Palace’ile omistati neli Superior tärni

Eesti Hotellide ja Restoranide Liit (EHRL) andis välja tänavu suvel taasavatud Hotell Palace’ile ametliku neljatärni superior-taset tõendava tunnistuse. Nelja tärni superior-taseme saamiseks on hotellil vajalik täita nelja tärni miinimumnõuded ja koguda täiendavalt vähemalt 190 lisapunkti. Eesti hotellide klassifikaator kuulub Euroopa

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