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EfTEN: Net asset value of the EfTEN United Property Fund as of 31.08.2023

The net asset value (NAV) of EfTEN United Property Fund was 10.49 euros as of August 31, 2023 decreasing by 1.1% over the month. The decrease in NAV was related to the investment into the listed EfTEN Real Estate Fund

EfTEN: LHV Pank updated equity research on EfTEN Real Estate Fund AS

EfTEN Real Estate Fund

LHV Pank updated the equity research and price target of EfTEN Real Estate Fund AS (EfTEN; EFT1T) shares. According to the analysis, the new price target for the share is in the range of 19 to 20,1 euros. That is

Swedbank: Affordability nearing the bottom, improvement on the horizon


Housing affordability fell even further; now housing is unaffordable in Vilnius and Tallinn Interest rates are bogging down recovery With interest rates continuing to soar, housing affordability fell further. In the second quarter, Tallinn joins Vilnius in the sub-100 index

Swedbank: Rates have peaked, cuts on the horizon


All key interest rates increased by another 25 basis points, to record high levels We maintain our forecast that this was the last rate increase in the current hiking cycle As we have expected, today the Governing Council has delivered

EfTEN: Net asset value of the EfTEN United Property Fund as of 31.07.2023

The net asset value (NAV) of the EfTEN United Property Fund was 10.61 euros as of July 31, 2023, remaining unchanged as compared to the previous month. Since the start of the fund in late June 2021 the return on

EfTEN: Enlight Research ja 1Partner Advisory avaldasid EfTEN Real Estate Fund AS-i aktsia analĂŒĂŒsi

EfTEN Real Estate Fund

Enlight Research avaldas koostöös 1Partner Advisoryga (1PA) EfTEN Real Estate Fund AS-i (EfTEN; EFT1T) aktsia analĂŒĂŒsi. AnalĂŒĂŒs on lisatud börsiteatele manusena ning on leitav EfTEN Real Estate Fund AS-i ja Enlight Research-i kodulehtedelt. Tulevikus kavatseb Enlight Research/1PA avaldada EfTEN Real

EfTEN: Enlight Research and 1Partner Advisory initiate research coverage on EfTEN Real Estate Fund AS

EfTEN Real Estate Fund

In cooperation with 1Partner Advisory (1PA), Enlight Research published equity research on EfTEN Real Estate Fund AS (EfTEN; EFT1T). The report is attached to the release and can be downloaded on the Enlight Research and EfTEN Real Estate Fund AS

Swedbank: Raging storms, rising costs


In early July, the Earth’s average temperature set a new all-time record, shattered three times within the same week. The surge in surface temperature escalates the likelihood of extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, floods, or storms. The realised economic

Pro Kapital: Pro Kapital Council approved Consolidated Interim Report for II Quarter and 6 Months of 2023 (Unaudited)

Pro Kapital

MANAGEMENT REPORT CEO summary Q2 2023 marks as a continuation of the newly started developments of AS Pro Kapital Grupp. Real estate development In Tallinn, the decision taken earlier in the year on starting the construction and sales of Kalaranna

Baltic Horizon: Baltic Horizon Fund consolidated unaudited results for H1 2023

Baltic Horizon Fund

Management Board of Northern Horizon Capital AS has approved the unaudited consolidated interim financial statements of Baltic Horizon Fund (the Fund) for the six months of 2023. Property valuations In June 2023, the portfolio valuations were conducted by the independent

Nordecon: 2023 II quarter and 6 months consolidated interim report (unaudited)


The dynamics of the construction market reflect the ongoing economic downturn and uncertainty about the future. Although the increase in the construction price index slowed in the second quarter of this year and the construction price index fell by 0.5%

Hepsor AS consolidated unaudited interim report for Q2 2023 and 6 months


Hepsor’s consolidated sales revenue for the second quarter of 2023 amounted to 14.6 million euros and net profit was 3.5 million euros (incl. the share owned by the parent company was 1.6 million euros). The consolidated sales revenue for the

Baltic Horizon Fund has published its Annual ESG report 2022

Baltic Horizon Fund

Baltic Horizon Fund today announces the release of its Annual ESG report 2022. Baltic Horizon launched its ESG strategy in 2019, and in the subsequent years, despite a challenging economic environment, the fund has increased its level of ambition, aligning

EfTEN: Net asset value of the EfTEN United Property Fund as of 31.05.2023

The net asset value (NAV) of the EfTEN United Property Fund was 10.65 euros as of May 31, 2023. As a result of the cash distribution to investors the NAV decreased by 1.8% over the month. Excluding the distribution, the

Swedbank: Stability and Sustainability – Baltic and Swedish economies in doldrums


Sweden: Economic growth has weakened Baltics: Insufficient demand and falling inflation Risks: Even weaker demand, higher unemployment, geopolitical pressures, deglobalisation Sustainability: Continued improvements are needed Swedish economy showed more resilience than expected in the first quarter, although a substantial positive

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