Baltic Horizon: Baltic Horizon Fund declares quarterly cash distribution of approx. EUR 2.27 million to investors

Baltic Horizon FundNorthern Horizon Capital AS as the management company of Baltic Horizon Fund (the Fund) has approved a cash distribution of approx. 1.79% of the Fund’s Q4 2021 weighted average net asset value to its unitholders. This equals approx. EUR 2.27 million in total and EUR 0.019 per unit. The pay-out increases the rolling distribution yield for the past 12 months to 5.4% based on the closing unit price of the last day of Q4 2021 on the Nasdaq Tallinn stock exchange.

In Q4 2021, the Fund generated an unaudited Generated Net Cash Flow (GNCF) from operations of approx. EUR 1.98 million. In total, the Fund has paid out EUR 6.94 million from the operating results of the last twelve months (EUR 1.32 million from Q1 2021, EUR 1.32 million from Q2 2021, EUR 2.03 million from Q3 2021 and EUR 2.27 million from Q4 2021).

Payments will be distributed from the Fund on 22 February 2022. The ex-date is on 17 February 2022. Unitholders entitled to receive distributions will be determined according to a unitholders list as of 18 February 2022 end of the business day in T2S settlement system (Record date).

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