Hepsor: Hepsor N57 OÜ, Hepsor AS group company, signed 3.1 million euro loan agreement for financing the construction of Lilleküla Kodud project

HepsorHepsor N57 OÜ, Hepsor AS group company, and LHV Pank OÜ signed 3.1 million loan agreement on 13 January 2023. The purpose of the three-year loan is to finance the construction of Lilleküla Kodud development project.

The development project has 26 apartments of different sizes, from compact one-room apartments to spacious four-room apartments with large terraces. The construction and sales of Lilleküla Kodud project that started in December 2022 will be completed at the end of 2023.

According to Henri Laks, member of the Management Board, the project is special because of the limited number of new developments in the area, which is in high demand and highly valued by customers. „The size of the building also makes the project special – a building with only 26 apartments in a cozy garden suburb is like a unique boutique product. We put emphasis on sustainability and environmental awareness in the design of our development projects,“ said Mr. Laks. The homes of A-energy label Lilleküla Kodud are heated with air heat pumps combined with gas heating if needed. Henri Laks added that the well thought out and contemporary heating solutions ensure energy and cost efficiency. The courtyard area behind the building has a playground and the Räägu Park, opposite of the building, creates a pleasant green home environment offering plenty of leisure opportunities.

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