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Buying a bureau wastes money

A year ago, it was written in newspapers that there is no point to pay expensive rent for a bureau since the prices of real estate were rising and buying real estate gave opportunity to earn money from investments. By

Websites claim massive debts from real estate agents (1)

In recent months Estonia’s leading real estate online portals have closed hundreds of accounts of real estate agents because of debts. Real estate developer turns attention to state real estate auctions Tarvo Teslon, CEO of Diginet that runs the popular

Balticbusinessnews.com: Analyst: housing prices are melting in summer

Estonian real estate analyst Tõnu Toompark says that housing prices have fallen 12 percent this year. Toompark who rans KV.EE, a real estate portal that tracks real estate prices, estimates that housing prices have fallen 12 percent to the level

The Baltic Course: Real estate activity in Estonia was extraordinary in April 2008

In April 2008 there were 5,440 real estate transactions in Estonia carried out with the total value of five billion kroons, but in May 2008 the number of transactions fell back to the level of March and February, by a

Estonian real estate sector in standstill

The Estonian real estate sector is stagnating and property prices continue to fall, writes Äripäev. According to Äripäev’s real estate analysts, most predictions made by the paper in January have become a reality as the market has gone to a

Analysts disagree over the future of Estonian housing market

Real estate experts Tõnu Toompark and Marek Vikat disagree whether people looking for a home should buy today or postpone the purchase decision. Toompark told Äripäev that although housing prices are likely to keep falling for most of this year,

Expert: real estate prices may fall by 20 pct by year-end

Real estate analyst Tõnu Toompark says that real estate prices could fall by another 20 pct by year-end. Toompark said that at present prices tracked by online real estate portals have been falling in average 0.5 pct a year, writes

Kesko Food s And ICAs Joint Venture Starts Operating In The Baltic Countries

Rimi Baltic AB, the joint venture owned 50/50 by Kesko Food Ltd, a company belonging to Kesko Group, and ICA Baltic AB, a company belonging to the Swedish ICA Group, starts operating in the Baltic countries today. The parties have

Office space market in Tallinn ventures into new areas

The market for office space in Tallinn is now looking for new niches and challenges. One of such novelties is a possibility to buy a few thousand square metre lots together with a detail plan. On the one hand the

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