Hepsor AS: 2022 IV quarter and 12 months consolidated unaudited interim report

HepsorThe consolidated sales revenue of Hepsor for the 2022 financial year amounted to 12.9 million euros (including 7.2 million euros in Q4 2022) and the net profit was 1.3 million euros (including a net profit of 1.5 million euros in Q4 2022).

In 2022, the Group completed three residential and three commercial property projects. The sales revenue for the financial year has been mainly generated from the sale of completed residential development projects. As of the end of 2022, we have handed over 45 apartments to home buyers in Latvia, including 26 apartments in the 4b Strēlnieku, 18 apartments in the 9 Baložu and 1 apartment in the 24 Āgenskalna development projects, and 40 apartments in the Paevälja Hoovimajade development project in Estonia. The sale of 76 apartments and 1,487 sqm of commercial space in the Priisle Kodu development project is not reflected in the Group’s sales revenue as the result of the project is recorded using equity method of accounting. In total, we handed over 161 new homes to home buyers in Estonia and Latvia in 2022.

At the end of the year, we handed over the Büroo113 commercial to a modern clinic using an innovative concept. This is the first time that green solutions (geothermal heating and cooling, rainwater use, energy-efficient architecture, excellent indoor climate, solar energy, etc.) have been applied in a city centre high-rise. In Riga, a stock office type commercial building was completed at 30 Ulbrokas 3,645 sqm of which are fully covered with lease agreements.

In Q3 2022, we adjusted the 2022-2024 performance forecasts due to the changes in the economic environment, a decrease in real estate transaction activity and the extension of time needed for the preparation of development projects. When adjusting the forecast for 2022, we assumed that Hepsor would not sell any of the three commercial buildings under construction (Büroo113, Grüne Maja, 30 Ulbrokas) and that by the end of 2022, 34 apartments in the 4b Strēlnieku development project and 48 apartments in the Paevälja Hoovimajad development project would have been sold. As the conclusion of real right contracts for Paevälja Hoovimajad started in December 2022, we were able to conclude 40 real right contracts by the end of the year. As of 31 January 2023, real right contracts had already been concluded for 49 apartments in the Paevälja Hoovimaja development project and therefore the sales revenue for some apartments will be recorded in Q1 2023. In the 4b Strēlnieku development project, we have sold 36 apartments as of the end of 2022, which is two apartments more than forecast. Due to aforementioned reasons, the Group sales revenue and profit are 1.1 million euros and 0.3 million euros lower than forecast, respectively, mainly due to the postponement of the sale of eight apartments in Paevälja Hoovimajade until 2023.

Hepsor has four residential development projects in Estonia and Latvia, with a total of 335 new apartments. As of 31 January 2023, contracts under the law of obligations and reservation agreements have been signed for 75 apartments (82%) in the Mārupes Dārzs development project (92 apartments) near Riga. In the Kuldīgas Parks (116 apartments) project in Riga, contracts have been signed for 103 apartments (89%). Both projects will be completed in Q2 2023. In Estonia, we have completed the construction of the Paevälja Hoovimajad development project, which includes two apartment buildings with a total of 96 apartments. The first phase of the project with 48 apartments was completed at the end of 2022 and the second phase in Q1 2023. As of 31 January 2023, real right contracts have been signed for 49 apartments (51%) and contracts under the law of obligations for 28 apartments (29%). The signing of real right contracts will continue also after the submission of this report, and the respective sales revenue will be reflected in the Group’s financial results for Q1 2023. We started with new development projects, including the construction of Ojakalda Kodud with 101 new spacious family apartments (contracts under the law of obligations have been concluded for 28 apartments, or 28% of the total) in Q3 2022, and the construction of the Lilleküla Kodud development project with 26 apartments in Q4 2023.

In Q1 2023, we will start the construction of 171 apartments in the Manufaktuuri Quarter in Tallinn and 38 apartments in the Nameja Rezidence development project in Riga. Both projects are already available for sale and several contracts under the law of obligations as well as reservation agreements have been signed.

The commercial real estate development project, Grüne Maja is being completed in Tallinn following a green concept. The office building is largely in active use and the last tenants are expected to move to the new premises in Q2 2023 at the latest.

In total, we added approximately 156 apartments to our development portfolio in 2022, including 40 in Riga and 131 in Tallinn. Approximately 60 new apartments will be built on the 12 Manufaktuuri property in the Manufaktuuri Quarter together with our long-term cooperation partner Tolaram Grupp. We started the construction of the Lilleküla Kodud development project with 26 apartments already in December 2022. Up to 45 new homes can be built on the properties purchased at 1a Alvari and 5 Alvari. In Latvia, a property was added on Jūrmala Gatve, where we are planning to build an energy class A three-storey residential building with 40 new homes.

Recent years have been turbulent in the real estate sector. Demand for real estate has moved from uncertainty due to Covid-19 in 2020 to record high sales in late 2021. In the past year, the real estate market in Hepsor’s home markets in Estonia and Latvia was affected by the Russo-Ukrainian war, skyrocketing energy prices and inflation, and rising interest costs. However, the decline in consumer confidence, which reached its historical low in the autumn of 2022, shows a moderate improvement trend since then.

The sales revenue of Hepsor for the first month of 2023 reflects the previously mentioned trend. In Latvia, in the first month of 2023, we have already sold approximately 30 apartments (the Mārupes Dārzs and Kuldīgas Parks development projects) and have signed an almost equal amount of reservation agreements and contracts under the law of obligations with customers in Estonia (Lilleküla Kodud, 7 Manufaktuuri and Ojakalda Kodud). Hepsor’s management is highly satisfied with the result. Customers do not currently make quick purchase decisions, but interest in our projects is high, which makes us moderately optimistic, and we can continue with existing and new projects. We believe that the rather favourable construction prices in the current and coming quarters are worth using to facilitate development projects. When monitoring the interest level among Hepsor’s customers in new development projects, we feel that there is moderate space for a drop in the prices of new developments or for price negotiations initiated by customers.

Consolidated statement of financial position

in thousands of euros 31 December 2022 31 December 2021
Current assets
Cash and cash equivalents 3,754 10,889
Trade and other receivables 1,731 652
Current loan receivables 0 2,388
Inventories 69,760 37,237
Total current assets 75,245 51,166
Non-current assets
Property, plant and equipment 314 229
Intangible assets 7 0
Financial investments 2 402
Investments in associates 1,086 0
Non-current loan receivables 1,766 3,408
Other non-current receivables 30 140
Total non-current assets 3,205 4,179
Total assets 78,450 55,345
Liabilities and equity
Current liabilities
Loans and borrowings 22,565 5,501
Current lease liabilities 127 123
Prepayments from customers 3,054 1,164
Trade and other payables 4,008 5,539
Total current liabilities 29,754 12,327
Non-current liabilities
Loans and borrowings 26,015 22,862
Non-current lease liabilities 68 66
Other non-current liabilities 2,290 1,053
Total non-current liabilities 28,373 23,981
Total liabilities 58,127 36,308
Share capital 3,855 3,855
Share premium 8,917 8,917
Retained earnings 7,551 6,265
Total equity 20,323 19,037
incl. total equity attributable to owners of the parent 19,937 18,904
incl. non-controlling interest 386 133
Total liabilities and equity 78,450 55,345

Consolidated statement of profit and loss and other comprehensive income

in thousands of euros 12M 2022 12M 2021 Q4 2022 Q4 2021
Revenue 12,870 14,961 7,248 8,015
Cost of sales (-) -11,096 -11,902 -5,996 -6,111
Gross profit 1,774 3,059 1,252 1,904
Marketing expenses (-) -446 -271 -167 -94
Administrative expenses (-) -1,095 -942 -331 -373
Other operating income 70 83 23 27
Other operating expenses (-) -68 -49 -23 0
Operating profit (-loss) of the year 235 1,880 754 1,464
Financial income 1,889 321 1,040 175
Financial expenses (-) -787 -512 -333 -193
Profit before tax 1,337 1,689 1,461 1,446
Current income tax -6 -16 -1 0
Deferred income tax 0 60 0 105
Net profit for the year 1,331 1,733 1,460 1,551
    Attributable to owners of the parent 1,396 -22 1,537 153
    Non-controlling interest -65 1,755 -77 1,398
Other comprehensive income (-loss)
Changes related to change of ownership -26 70 -161 0
Change in value of embedded derivatives with minority shareholders 10 -1,815 -8 -1,389
Other comprehensive income (-loss) for the period -16 -1,745 -169 -1,389
    Attributable to owners of the parent -363 68 -129 0
    Non-controlling interest 347 -1,813 -40 -1,389
Comprehensive income (-loss) for the period 1,315 -12 1,291 162
    Attributable to owners of the parent 1,033 46 1,408 153
    Non-controlling interest 282 -58 -117 9
Earnings per share
   Basic (euros per share) 0.36 -0.01 0.40 0.04
   Diluted (euros per share) 0.36 -0.01 0.40 0.04

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